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 To Raic

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MensajeTema: To Raic   Miér 29 Dic 2010, 8:36 pm

Geo Mage had to be kicked out of the guild.

All began when Pelezinho PKed Bananex (Unjistified).

Bananex tell to Ijjarochinski to kill Pelezinho, and when he go to kill him, Pelezinho call Geo Mage to support him too. At that time he was with Yaris, Rewop and Sir Palazzo looking for someone that killed Rewop (have nothing to do with this), then, when they saw Geo Mage was helping Pelezinho and all the guild with them, Ijjarochinski ataked Yaris and all of them trapped to kill him.

And now Ijjarochinsk is hunting Yaris, Rewop and Sir Palazzo for helping Geo Mage to defend Pelezinho.

And just to resume all of this, the reason is that Geo Mage helped someone out of the group; defending a PK. I suggest him to join Revolution, since Pelezinho is from there.


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MensajeTema: Re: To Raic   Jue 30 Dic 2010, 4:16 am

Guess he is mature enough to solve it.
I'd like to leave here that we gonna lose a nice player for nothing, as I guess he was just making his job wich is protect his friends till the end, as I would do if someone atack you or if you atack any of my friends. We all know that fight is not the right way to solve things, but sometimes it's needed.
It's kinda sad, but there we go again. I'll keep my friendship with him as I know him for too long and will support him whenever he needs my help.
It's fine Sam, thanks for clearing things.
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To Raic
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